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Ceridian celebrates it’s annual #CeridianCXDay

Today was a typical day for me. I arrived at work, pounded my remaining coffee, and picked up the phone to dial into a virtual meeting.  As Ceridian’s Director of Customer Experience, I then spent my morning reading customer survey feedback, analyzing that feedback, and working on strategies to action it.

It was one of those great and productive mornings at the office, where I was reminded once again about the importance of our Customer Focus value and why I come into work each day.

I love my job, and our Ceridian team.  Each and every team member is critical to making Ceridian work, and every day we work hard to execute and demonstrate our Customer Focus as individuals and teams and deliver a specific result.

Customer Focus is at the core of what we do every day at Ceridian, and likely the core of what your business does too. But how often do we consider the cumulative result of what we collectively deliver to our customers? Do we carve out the time to thank our customers for their partnership and celebrate their success?

On September 29th, 2016 ( TOMORROW!), Ceridian will be celebrating just that, on our annual Customer Experience (CX) Day. CX Day is a day dedicated to celebrating not what we’ve done, buy WHY we’re doing it, and WHO we’re doing it for. It’s bringing the entire organization together, regardless of role, in alignment to celebrate our customers.

On CX Day, each office will open their doors for a customer visit. Our customers will present to our employees, describing who they are, a day in their life, how they use our products and the importance and impact that every interaction has on their experience. We’ll also celebrate, award and recognize employees who are outstanding examples of Customer Focus.

And most importantly, on CX Day, we’ll connect and bring a new level of meaning to our work.

We’ll take away the technology, have in-person conversations with our customers and each other, and be reminded that celebrating our customers is something we should continue to do each and every day.

Make sure to follow the Twitter Stream on September 29th (#CeridianCXDay) to see all the live coverage from our offices!


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