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Hawaii National Bank for #CeridianCXDay: Creating an effective social responsibility program

We dedicate this day, #CeridianCXDay to each and every Ceridian customer. Learn how we’re celebrating our annual Customer Experience (CX) Day in yesterday’s blog!

Did you know that 79% of candidates prefer to work for a company that is socially responsible? The difficulty for companies is that even after social programs are implemented, it can be quite challenging to ensure employees remain engaged. Hawaii National Bank has found some effective strategies for creating an enduring social responsibility program

Step 1: Form a steering committee
This group should be composed of individuals who are interested in doing good and getting involved in their community. It’s difficult for one person to spearhead the entire program; it takes a village. Ideally, the team will consist of a mix of people from different areas and levels of the organization. A diverse committee will promote inclusion and help ensure all departments of the organization are represented and heard.

Step 2: Choose a relevant cause
Pick a cause that is popular and prevalent within your community and industry. People will be more likely to care about it and in turn participate. Meeting and interviewing community leaders may assist you in determining the cause. Look to see if there is an educational or fundraising opportunity for a specific cause that would be appealing to your workforce, as well as the communities in which they live.

For example, in Hawaii, prediabetes or diabetes affects 1 in 3 individuals. Before embarking on the Diabetes Care for Life Program, we met and aligned with the American Diabetes Association and Straub Clinic and Hospital. Since wellness is also a core value of our organization, it was a great match.

Step 3: Make it official and start planning
Make official partnerships clear, schedule meetings with key stakeholders. start planning., and start small. Plan one event at a time and learn from it before embarking on the next one. In year one, the Diabetes Care for Life Program started with 15 participants. Now, we have doubled that and continue to receive great feedback from both employees and community members who have participated in the program. One activity we are particularly proud of was when we invited a Certified Diabetes Educator to speak at one of our sessions: Diabetes Care for Life Program Video.

Additional tips
Once the committee and cause are determined, here are some additional steps you can take to ensure your social responsibility program doesn’t lose momentum.

  • Promote it often. Put posters up around the workplace to serve as constant reminders to staff about the program. Not only can these flyers inform people about upcoming events, but they are also great conversation starters for new people who come into the office.
  • Incorporate it into onboarding processes. Every time a new employee starts working for your organization, introduce the social responsibility program, as well as why and how to join the steering committee.
  • If appropriate, incentivize participation. When our employees participate in wellness activities like our Well-Service program, they accrue time off that they can use toward well-being or community service. Some use it to volunteer at their children’s school, build for Habitat for Humanity, or to simply improve their overall well-being.

As I’ve learned through Hawaii National Bank’s journey with Diabetes Care for Life, if you choose a meaningful cause and appoint a group of dedicated individuals to oversee it, your social responsibility program will take off in no time.

derek-kanehira-headshotDerek Kanehira is the Vice President and Director of Human Resources at Hawaii National Bank. He has worked in the field of Human Resources for over 25 years in various industries including insurance, airlines and an IT start-up company. Derek currently serves as President of Hawaii Compensation Group, Director of Hawaii Business Health Council, Board Member and Foundation & Research Committee Chair of SHRM Hawaii and Advisory Board Member of McKinley High School’s Academy of Finance. At INSIGHTS, Ceridian’s annual customer forum, Derek accepted the Peace of Mind Compliance award on behalf of Hawaii National Bank. When Derek isn’t implementing new programs to solidify Hawaii National Bank’s incredible culture of wellness you can find him golfing, traveling and spending time with his five grandchildren.

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