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5 steps to a successful Fun at Work program #InternationalFunAtWorkDay

By Team Ceridian on Jan 29 2016

By Karen Huss, VP of Internal Communications at Ceridian Today is International Fun at Work Day. While many people consider work just that – work – it is possible to have fun while getting the job done. In fact, if you want to increase employee engagement, you’ll want to make sure your employees are having fun more…

Employee Engagement

Money Matters: Is Employee Financial Wellness an Employer Concern?

By Team Ceridian on Jan 28 2016

By Karen Viveiros, Communications Manager, Ceridian Money. Credit. Debt. Financial strain. Unforeseen financial emergencies. Retirement fears and doubts. To most of us, topics like these are deeply personal and typically not suitable for open, candid discussion. However, employers are becoming increasingly concerned with employee financial wellness, and increasingly committed to supporting it. A 2014 AON more…

Health & Wellness

ACCO Brands shares their journey to the cloud

By Team Ceridian on Jan 27 2016

ACCO Brands Corporation (ACCO) is one of the world’s largest suppliers of branded office products. For more than 100 years, the company has been delivering office products to meet the evolving needs of their customers. Join us on Tuesday, February 2, 2016 at 12:00 p.m. ET for a live webcast to hear how ACCO Brands modernized more…

Human Capital Management

5 ways that HR technology can make your life easier today

By Jayson Saba on Jan 26 2016

By Jayson Saba, VP of Strategy and Industry Relations at Ceridian. If you’ve been in the industry for long enough, you’ve no doubt noticed a lot of evolution in the world of human capital management technology. We now have more sophisticated solutions than ever before for completing all sorts of HCM tasks.

Human Capital Management

5 key insights about the challenges faced by employee caregivers

By Team Ceridian on Jan 25 2016

By Christine Adoni, Senior Account Executive for Ceridian LifeWorks When it comes to employee health and wellness, providing specific support for working caregivers is critical. Doing so helps ensure that your employees are as healthy and engaged as they can be – from a physical, emotional and even a financial perspective. 

Employee Engagement, Health & Wellness

Are your employees using enough of their vacation time?

By Team Ceridian on Jan 22 2016

Just about everyone who works in the HCM space can agree with the sentiment that running a successful business requires a solid approach to maximizing employee productivity. Some might disagree, however, about exactly how to do that. Here’s an idea that might sound counterintuitive, but it really works – if you want people to achieve more at more…

Employee Engagement, Human Capital Management

Why a Comprehensive HCM Approach can Improve Hourly Staff’s Work/Life Balance

By John Orr on Jan 21 2016

By  John Orr, SVP of Retail, Ceridian As retailers improve the balance between their business’ demands and the needs and convenience of staff, employees’ engagement, happiness and productivity increase. These are the left and right hands of any retail operation. And few aspects of the hourly employee’s experience yield greater benefits than the improvement of more…

Human Capital Management

Can your organization engage millennials with employee benefits?

By Team Ceridian on Jan 21 2016

It’s no secret that employee benefits play a crucial role in the employee engagement strategies used by just about every great employer. If you’re looking to recruit top talent, offering them great benefits makes for a promising way to win people over. If you’ve already got talented employees working for you, benefits can keep them more…

Employee Engagement

5 Trends Shaping Retail and Why All Employers Should Care #NRF16 (Part 3 of 3)

By John Orr on Jan 20 2016

By  John Orr, SVP of Retail, Ceridian In my last two posts, I discussed four of the five trends: interconnectivity; Omni-store; beacons and buttons; and Black Friday. I’ve saved one of the most interesting and exciting trends for last: Personalization. Personalization has become a priority, and rightfully so. Within their workforce, retailers have a broad range more…

Human Capital Management

5 Trends Shaping Retail and Why All Employers Should Care #NRF16 (Part 2 of 3)

By John Orr on Jan 19 2016

By  John Orr, SVP of Retail, Ceridian In my recent post, I discussed the first two trends — interconnectivity and Omni-store — that are shaping the retail landscape and informing other employers’ practices.  These trends point to the importance of knitting together data, regardless of the channel, to improve the customer and employee experience. In more…

Human Capital Management

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