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Skilled Negotiation For Women and the Employer Responsibility

By Lainie Cooney on Oct 31 2016

Women should harness the skills they would use to represent and negotiate on behalf of someone else, and apply them to their own situation. more...

Career Advice

Need Help in Complying with the Upcoming FLSA Overtime Rule?

By Anthony Kwan on Oct 28 2016

Is your organization ready for the new changes surrounding the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) overtime rule? more...

HR Compliance, Human Capital Management

Setting interns up for success [Part 2]

By Celine DuPuis on Oct 27 2016

The next step of facilitating internship success is to implement a process that makes the transition from intern to employee as smooth and seamless as possible. more...

Employee Engagement, Recruitment & Talent Management

The reward of employee retention

By Kelly Allder on Oct 26 2016

You already know excessive employee turnover is a bad thing. But what you may not realize is just how much it can actually cost you. more...

Human Capital Management

Payroll 2.0: A New Era for the First HR Technology Application

By Jim Konandreas on Oct 25 2016

Employees expect seamless access to their payroll information and businesses must be able to offer it in a controlled, accurate, and efficient fashion. more...

Human Capital Management

What Employers Need to Know About the US DOL Final Rule & State Retirement Programs

By Julie Palmer on Oct 24 2016

Unfortunately, for a lot of Americans who aren’t eligible for retirement savings plans through their employer, those dreams are difficult to make a reality. more...

HR Compliance, Human Capital Management

Transboarding: The new solution for retaining top talent

By Lisa Sterling on Oct 21 2016

Through the combination of people, technology & processes, employers can optimize their internal talent pipeline to fuel engagement and increase retention. more...

Recruitment & Talent Management

Onboarding: The Path To Success Starts Here [Webcast]

By Team Ceridian on Oct 20 2016

In today’s workplace, onboarding is more critical than ever to ensure that employees start their new career on the right foot and that they remain engaged for the duration of their employment. more...

Human Capital Management, Recruitment & Talent Management

Dayforce #1 in Vendor Satisfaction and User Experience: Sierra-Cedar 2016-2017 HR Systems Survey

By Jayson Saba on Oct 18 2016

By Jayson Saba, VP of Market Research & Industry Relations, Ceridian At the 2016 HR Technology Conference and Expo, Stacey Harris of Sierra-Cedar unveiled the results of the survey-based study and shared a peek into the annual flagship 2016-2017 HR Systems Survey report. The 19th annual edition analyzed survey data from “1,528 unique organizations representing more…

Human Capital Management

Engage your team from anywhere: Tips from #CeridianXOXO Award Winner Heritage Golf Group

By Jennifer Preston on Oct 17 2016

If not handled with care, the digital divide can create somewhat of a disconnect between coworkers, negatively impacting performance. more...

Employee Engagement

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