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Onboarding: The Path To Success Starts Here [Webcast]

In today’s workplace, onboarding is more critical than ever to ensure that employees start their new career on the right foot and that they remain engaged for the duration of their employment.

Onboarding can be cumbersome for even the most experienced HR professional to facilitate. The preparation of personnel files, keeping track and storing confidential HR information and setting up employees with all the tools that they need can be overwhelming and difficult to keep track of. HR professionals need the right tools that can simplify, streamline and offer confidence that the onboarding of their new employees is all done smoothly and correctly.

With today’s modern HCM technology, HR professionals now have access to cutting-edge solutions that not only speed up the onboarding process, but also provides features and functionality to improve productivity.  In this insightful 1 hour presentation, Ceridian’s Employee Leadership and Learning expert, Lisa Bull will look at how modern HCM technology can be leveraged for onboarding and how it plays a fundamental role in the success of any new employee.  Lisa will provide valuable tips and offer expert advice on how HR professionals can leverage today’s HCM technology to eliminate manual processes that can be prone to the onboarding process.

The Learning Objectives of this Webinar are as follows:

  1. Identify the key challenges faced by HR professionals and new employees during the onboarding process
  2. How can HR professionals successfully leverage HCM technology to simplify onboarding and transform it to a more efficient process
  3. Learn how modern HCM technology can assist in the tactical and cultural side of onboarding

If you or your organization struggles with the onboarding process then you need to attend this webinar!

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