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There is So Much to Do. Where Do I Begin? [The Starfish Story]

“Congratulations on your promotion!”  “We’ve decided to expand your region and give you a bigger team.”  “Welcome to the board!”  Those are all great things that I’ve heard in my professional career and community work.  I’m sure you can quickly think of some great messages of your own.  Those are words we all like to hear.   But, if you are like me, the initial excitement and enthusiasm referred to as “uniformed optimism” quickly gives way to a mind flooded with uncertainty.  A mind rapid firing with all kinds of questions, challenges, and missing information.  Thinking of all that needs to be done. How much I don’t know.  Where do I begin?!

I’ve learned that the common denominator in most changes are people.

Promotions are about working with new people.  An expanded region and team is about working with more customers and a larger team. Volunteering for the board of a private provider of mental health services isn’t about programs, it’s about the people being helped, and the people helping them.

With so many new people to work with, where do I begin?

That’s a question I’ve asked myself many, many times in my life.  It’s in these times that I think back about a story that has served as one of my anchors and I’d like to share it with you.



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