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The Right Technology Transitions HR from Tactical to Strategic

With compliance requirements frequently changing, understanding the changes and ensuring adherence to them places a burden on businesses exacerbated by HR systems and processes that rely on multiple sources of data. Often HR departments have to work through spreadsheets and manual processes to sift through and obtain information. These approaches are not only inefficient but the relaying information from one system to the next, working on complex and often hard to read spreadsheets, and other error prone manual interventions introduce inaccuracies into the process.

Fortunately, the right HCM technology can help to alleviate the burden of compliance while providing HR with instant access to accurate and up-to-date information that can be leveraged for other value-add activities.

Here’s how the right HCM solution can transition HR from a more tactical role to a strategic one.

  1. HR reviews processes and workflows for efficiency.
  2. HR automates these processes by way of HCM technology and starts capturing data.
  3. Technology allows HR to easily report and therefore react to business and environmental changes, adapting for higher effectiveness.
  4. HR has access to data that allows them to make more informed decisions.

In essence, less time spent on administrative overhead means more time is available to add value to strategic initiatives in your organization.

To learn how you can create the ROI case for HCM technology, watch this webcast recording where Cerdian shares best practices for creating the business case!

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