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Hiring People and Defining Compensation? Then Antitrust Laws Apply

By BP Gallucci on Nov 25 2016

Antitrust laws govern the behavior of HR professionals, management, and anyone else involved with hiring people and defining compensation and benefits. more...

HR Compliance

The Gamer’s Guide to Leveling Up: Career Edition

By BP Gallucci on Oct 11 2016

While there are no cheat codes in life, there are lessons you can take from the world of gaming and apply to your career. more...

Recruitment & Talent Management

Is human intervention hiding in your Human Capital Management?

By BP Gallucci on Oct 5 2016

At the heart of human capital management processes is the fact that human intervention in a business’s HCM is costly. more...

Human Capital Management

For Human Capital Management How Real is Real-Time?

By BP Gallucci on Sep 27 2016

Software providing you real-time data, just raw data, isn’t enough. Something has to be done to that data – processed, interpreted, presented – to make it meaningful or useful; to make it information. more...

Human Capital Management

Compliance the Hard Way and the Easier Way

By BP Gallucci on Sep 12 2016

For businesses of any size, staying compliant takes work. But there’s compliance the hard way, then there’s compliance the easier way, with technology that provides support, such as automatic tax updates. more...

HR Compliance

Witnessing Real Innovation – Calculating Gross-to-Net Pay in Parallel and Real-time

By BP Gallucci on Sep 7 2016

Paying employees right and on time gets easier when payroll staff use the same system that front line employees use to record their time, and managers use to track attendance. That’s because these functions are all part of the same gross-to-net pay calculation. And the closer together these functions operate, the faster and more efficient more…

Human Capital Management

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