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#Movethedial: Steps to Boost Female Representation in Tech

By Kristina Cleary on Nov 8 2017

The recently released Where’s the Dial Now? Benchmark Report 2017 provides insights on the state of women in Canadian tech. Here, Ceridian CMO Kristina Cleary highlights her top takeaways from the report, and what actions must come next. more...

Employee Engagement, Human Capital Management, Recruitment & Talent Management

Four Ways to Advance Equality in the Workplace

By Kristina Cleary on Aug 25 2017

Marking Women’s Equality Day and ahead of the second Ceridian Women’s Network Summit in October, Ceridian’s CMO Kristina Cleary offers actionable ways to promote equality and diversity at work. more...

Employee Engagement, Human Capital Management

Investing in Women in the Workforce – Why You Should, How You Can

By Kristina Cleary on Jan 3 2017

At Ceridian, we pursue diversity and equity for our people as an achievable ideal for our workplace; one that engages, encourages, and celebrates all of us. more...

Employee Engagement

Love Your Colleagues: Work Life Is More Than Just What You Do

By Kristina Cleary on Dec 20 2016

Love your colleagues, and you’ll love coming to work every day, working alongside them, catching up over a Starbucks, or jumping on a call with them. more...

Employee Engagement

The Gamer’s Guide to Leveling Up: Career Edition

By Kristina Cleary on Oct 11 2016

While there are no cheat codes in life, there are lessons you can take from the world of gaming and apply to your career. more...

Recruitment & Talent Management

Celebrate your payroll pros during National #PayrollWeek!

By Kristina Cleary on Sep 1 2016

Everyone loves getting paid, which is just one of the reasons why we at Ceridian are excited to celebrate National Payroll Week (September 5-9). In case you haven’t heard of NPW before, this celebration led by the American Payroll Association kicks off each year on Labor Day, and gives companies the ideal opportunity to thank more…

Human Capital Management

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