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How recruitment and hiring trends will evolve in 2018

By Team Ceridian on Dec 15 2017

In an increasingly inefficient job market, organizations must make smarter hiring decisions and differentiate themselves to stand out. With greater tech integration and changing employee expectations, here are some ways recruiting will evolve in 2018. more...

Recruitment & Talent Management, Transformative Technology

The Top HCM Compliance Issues to Watch for in 2018

By Emerson Beishline on Dec 14 2017

Employers should be prepared for a number of compliance changes to impact their organizations over the coming year. Ceridian’s Product Compliance team looks ahead to the issues that will be most important to employers in 2018. more...

HR Compliance, Human Capital Management

Three Ways to Prevent Employee Burnout

By Lisa Sterling on Dec 13 2017

Burnout is an organizational issue, not a talent issue, and should be on every leadership team’s minds. Ceridian’s Chief People Officer Lisa Sterling shares some ways to improve company practices and create a healthier workplace. more...

Employee Engagement, Health & Wellness

Three Ways to Get the Most Out of Multi-Teaming

By Lisa Sterling on Dec 8 2017

Successfully assigning employees to multiple projects means more than simply optimizing your workforce. Ceridian’s Chief People Officer Lisa Sterling shares some best practices on how managers can help their teams collaborate more effectively. more...

Employee Engagement, Recruitment & Talent Management

The Seven Biggest HCM Compliance Issues of 2017

By Kelly Dougherty on Dec 8 2017

2017 was a year of many compliance changes, including overtime rule proposals, auto-IRAs and tax and healthcare reform. There’s much that employers need to be aware of to keep up-to-date with new policies and provisions. From Ceridian’s compliance team, here’s a summary and status of some of the year’s major issues. more...

HR Compliance, Human Capital Management

How to Avoid HR Mishaps at the Company Holiday Party

By Stuart Ducoffe on Dec 1 2017

‘Tis the season for festive fun – but employers must be aware of the potential risks, poor choices or improper conduct that could result from lowered employee inhibitions. Stuart Ducoffe of e2r Solutions provides tips on preparing for a safe and successful party. more...

Human Capital Management

The Annual Performance Review is Dead – Create a Performance Development Culture Instead

By Deb LaMere on Dec 1 2017

In today's environment of constant feedback, antiquated processes like annual reviews are no longer relevant. Leading employers are shifting towards performance development to get better feedback and support employees versus simply assess them. Ceridian’s VP Employee Experience Deb LaMere shares tips to create a performance development culture. more...

Employee Engagement, Recruitment & Talent Management

Five Tips for Managers to Handle Negative Attitudes in the Workplace

By Team Ceridian on Nov 29 2017

A work environment with happy employees leads to increased engagement and productivity, and a strong bottom line. But negativity in the workplace can have a detrimental effect on culture. Here are some tips to help handle the tough conversations. more...

Career Advice, Employee Engagement

Three ways to deliver a stand-out recruiting pitch

By Team Ceridian on Nov 23 2017

The war for talent is fierce. The way candidates are looking for jobs is changing; therefore, the tools and tactics to recruit the best talent must also change. Here are some considerations for employers to stand out from the noise in today’s marketplace. more...

Employee Engagement, Recruitment & Talent Management

What does it mean to be EDGE certified, and why is Ceridian doing it?

By Lisa Sterling on Nov 17 2017

Lip service won’t build a gender equal workplace. Our Chief People and Culture Officer Lisa Sterling shares why diving deep into an organization’s gender dynamics and data is critical to change. more...

Human Capital Management

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