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Take Coffee Breaks With Your Team to Improve Productivity

By Michael Petrescu-Comnene on Dec 6 2016

Over the years, many around the office have wondered why I have a borderline industrial grade coffee grinder in our lunch room. This blog is dedicated to each of you. more...

Employee Engagement, Recruitment & Talent Management

Women in Tech: Thoughts from Ceridian’s Chief People Officer #HRTechConf

By Lisa Sterling on Oct 12 2016

Women in the technology field face a vast number of career challenges, from lack of development and mentoring opportunities to unequal pay. more...

Recruitment & Talent Management

Want to learn about leadership? Watch the Olympic Games.

By Team Ceridian on Sep 14 2016

By Jay Greaves, VP of Sales Effectiveness, Ceridian In my home we are HUGE fans of the Olympic Games. It’s always been that way since my childhood and became even more so in 1996 when I served as an envoy for the United States Olympic Team. Beyond enjoying athletic competition, I really enjoy watching examples more…

Career Advice

Key steps to building a values-based culture

By Team Ceridian on Sep 13 2016

By Lisa Bull, VP of Employee and Leadership Learning, Ceridian What moves organizations to focus time, energy, and resources on building a values-based culture? While the specifics may vary, here are just a few reasons: (1) the need to unify disparate groups (eg. following a merger or acquisition), (2) the recognition of a competitive marketplace, and (3) an more…

Human Capital Management, Recruitment & Talent Management

Link, Don’t Rank

By Jessica Cheung-Goldfarb on Aug 30 2016

At the first ever Ceridian Women’s Network Summit, it was all about linking women together and creating a network of support instead of competition. more...

Recruitment & Talent Management

Being a Teacher, Not a Manager

By Team Ceridian on Aug 24 2016

By Robert Mattson, VP of Content Marketing, Ceridian I was having a conversation with a person that reported to me when I was leaving my last job, and she was kind enough to say that she thought I was a good manager.  To which I replied: I’m not a manager.  I’m a teacher.

Recruitment & Talent Management

Hiring mistakes will happen. Correct them early.

By Team Ceridian on Jul 27 2016

By Paul Sandusky, Vice President of Talent Acquisition, Ceridian Whether you’re in Talent Acquisition or a business unit leader, if you work for a growing company you’re going to hire a lot of people. If you have a good recruiting process most of the hires will be strong. But you will make some mistakes. It more…

Recruitment & Talent Management

Girls Who Code Founder Takes the Stage at #CeridianINSIGHTS

By rachelanderson on Jul 15 2016

Kicking off the final day of #CeridianINSIGHTS, Ceridian entertained conference attendees with a Las Vegas-style performance of Prince’s Let’s Go Crazy that brought the crowd to its feet. This performance was the start of an energizing opening session that included nuggets of wisdom from Girls Who Code founder and CEO Reshma Saujani, along with the more…

Human Capital Management

Love Your Swagger!

By Team Ceridian on Jun 24 2016

By Kristina Cleary, Chief Marketing Officer, Ceridian Another tradeshow is coming down the pipe; seeing the event date looming, as a marketer you can’t help but feel the stress rising as you think through how you are going to once again drive traffic to your booth, deliver the promised leads required to fill your pipeline more…

Human Capital Management

3 programs that will help your organization drive culture #PulseOfTalent

By Team Ceridian on May 9 2016

By Lisa Sterling, Chief People Officer, Ceridian A great culture is driven by a number of different elements: leadership, collaboration and employee engagement to name just a few. As the world of work rapidly evolves, employers are investing more and more into HR programs that aim to drive their company culture by putting their values on more…

Human Capital Management, Recruitment & Talent Management

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