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4 ways to turn corporate health and wellness into a competitive advantage

By Team Ceridian on Sep 11 2015

For a long time now, a majority of companies across North America have made corporate health and wellness a fundamental part of their HR plans. They’ve looked out for the health of their employees in various ways, including weight loss, smoking cessation, physical fitness and even other aspects of wellness that extend beyond the physical.

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5 ways employers can do more for corporate health and wellness

By Team Ceridian on Jun 15 2015

At many businesses across America, there’s an understanding that HR offices have a vested interest in fighting for better corporate health and wellness. If you can keep your employees healthy, they’re more likely to stay engaged at work. If people are productive, they can contribute directly to a strong bottom line. It’s therefore worth the investment, more…

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Maximizing employee wellness in 2014 – without breaking the bank

By Team Ceridian on May 5 2014

Every company’s HR office makes it a priority to ensure corporate health and wellness – after all, healthier employees mean fewer medical expenses and a more productive workforce overall. There’s no doubt that an emphasis on wellness can pay dividends for any employer. It can be difficult, though, for companies to strike the appropriate balance more…

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4 keys to better communication about health and wellness programs

By Team Ceridian on Jan 22 2014

For companies that seek to maintain corporate health and wellness, their challenge is twofold – first, they have to institute comprehensive programs that will keep the workforce healthy, and second, just as importantly, they need to communicate well about those programs. After all, what good is a wellness initiative if no one knows about it? more…

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The problem with not taking enough sick days

By Team Ceridian on Nov 8 2013

For good reason, there’s a stigma in many workplaces about taking sick days. When employees skip too many days of work, it puts a damper on productivity, which can have serious long-term repercussions on the health of an enterprise. In fact, that’s a primary reason that companies emphasize corporate health and wellness in the first more…

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In Case You Missed It: Week of October 21, 2013

By Team Ceridian on Oct 25 2013

What does the future hold for HR technology? According to Forbes, a number of IT trends have had a powerful impact on HR specifically. Meghan Biro, chief executive officer of TalentCulture Consulting Group, explains that as elite hardware and software solutions have risen above the pack, the HR industry is shifting away from a focus on more…

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Ceridian webinar to discuss engagement in wellness programs

By Team Ceridian on Oct 24 2013

Human resource offices everywhere have embraced the idea of investing in corporate health and wellness. If companies put a little bit of time and effort into making sure their employees eat right, exercise well and stay disease-free, it will pay off. The workforce will be healthier and more engaged on a daily basis. According to more…

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Businesses today show renewed commitment to health and wellness

By Team Ceridian on Oct 18 2013

Corporate health and wellness programs have long been a reliable option for human resources departments seeking to achieve a wide variety of goals, ranging from lower health insurance costs to increased office morale. Of course, recent changes in healthcare legislation have made it slightly more difficult for businesses to provide benefits for workers who emphasize more…

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4 ways that health benefits are changing in 2013

By Team Ceridian on Oct 10 2013

While companies will never stop making it a priority to promote corporate health and wellness, they’re unfortunately finding it more difficult to do so during this era of economic uncertainty and legislative obstacles. Two problems have compounded to make it more difficult for companies to provide for their employees. One is the troubling economy, which more…

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3 ways wellness programs can benefit both ends of the health spectrum

By Team Ceridian on Oct 2 2013

When most people think of corporate health and wellness, they envision programs designed to shore up problems among the least healthy employees within a company. By implementing programs to help overweight people shed excess pounds, or physically stagnant individuals exercise better, businesses can do away with problematic health issues among their workforces once and for more…

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