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Preventing stress in the workplace [Part 2]

By Team Ceridian on Aug 1 2016

As we covered in the last blog post on understanding stress in the workplace, there are a lot of different factors that contribute to stress. But the positive news for employers is that there are just as many ways for HCM professionals to fix and prevent it. The Society for Human Resource Management indicated that more…

Health & Wellness, Human Capital Management

“HR Professional” vs. “Parent”: Should this be the way?

By Team Ceridian on Feb 24 2016

By Kelly Allder, VP of HR Programs, Ceridian Time and again, I read articles and blogs about ‘achieving work life balance’ or ‘improving productivity’ or ‘5 tips for getting that next promotion’.  While all very legitimate and worthy goals, as a working parent, I have to say there are times when I feel maxed out more…

Career Advice, Human Capital Management

5 ways to create a company culture that supports employee caregivers

By Team Ceridian on Feb 17 2016

By Estelle Morrison, Ceridian LifeWorks Vice President of Clinical and Wellness Services Everyone in human capital management is well aware these days of the value of corporate health and wellness. You need a healthy workforce in order to be productive on a daily basis, and you need high productivity to maintain a profitable business. Simply more…

Health & Wellness

4 ways to support SAD employees this winter

By Team Ceridian on Feb 2 2016

A healthy workforce is one that’s more engaged, more efficient and less likely to run up steep health insurance costs. But if you’re focusing solely on basic physical health, you’re missing the boat.

Health & Wellness, Recruitment & Talent Management

Money Matters: Is Employee Financial Wellness an Employer Concern?

By Team Ceridian on Jan 28 2016

By Karen Viveiros, Communications Manager, Ceridian Money. Credit. Debt. Financial strain. Unforeseen financial emergencies. Retirement fears and doubts. To most of us, topics like these are deeply personal and typically not suitable for open, candid discussion. However, employers are becoming increasingly concerned with employee financial wellness, and increasingly committed to supporting it. A 2014 AON more…

Health & Wellness

5 key insights about the challenges faced by employee caregivers

By Team Ceridian on Jan 25 2016

By Christine Adoni, Senior Account Executive for Ceridian LifeWorks When it comes to employee health and wellness, providing specific support for working caregivers is critical. Doing so helps ensure that your employees are as healthy and engaged as they can be – from a physical, emotional and even a financial perspective. 

Employee Engagement, Health & Wellness

4 squares of a successful wellness program

By Team Ceridian on Oct 26 2015

By Jennifer Piliero, Senior Product Manager, Ceridian LifeWorks Today most organizations have a keen interest in doing more to promote corporate health and wellness. After all, the healthier your staff, the more likely your organization will see improvements in health outcomes and ultimately new levels of productivity and success.

Health & Wellness

INFOGRAPHIC: 5 questions to consider when evaluating employee assistance programs

By Team Ceridian on Oct 22 2015

Health & Wellness

Ceridian study reveals the challenges of caregiving & its significant impact on productivity & engagement in the workplace

By Team Ceridian on Sep 29 2015

Ceridian announces the results of its 2015 Caregiver Research study: Double Duty: The Caregiving Crisis In The Workplace. With more than 22 million Americans serving as working caregivers the inaugural Ceridian report investigates the role of working caregivers and the personal and professional implications of these responsibilities. Using insight from a survey of more than more…

Health & Wellness

5 ways for employees to reduce stress around the office

By Team Ceridian on Sep 25 2015

It should come as no surprise that countless organizations today are prioritizing corporate health and wellness as a strategy for building a productive, prosperous business.  Unfortunately, maintaining wellness can be more difficult than it looks. Even if all of your employees are ostensibly physically healthy in all of the readily apparent ways – they’re eating more…

Health & Wellness

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