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Why Paid Parental Leave is Good for Business

By Deb LaMere on Sep 14 2017

With paid parental leave gaining traction in the U.S., our VP of Employee Experience shares how Ceridian’s recently updated policy promotes work-life balance. more...

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How to Escape HR Silos: You Need a Map

By Team Ceridian on Jul 25 2016

  By Robert Mattson, VP of Content Marketing, Ceridian I was in Canada recently and one very interesting thing to an American traveling outside the States is the selection on Netflix.  You see, it’s different once you cross the border.  There are movies available that I can’t watch when I’m at home and one of more…

Human Capital Management

3 key stats reflecting how people feel about their jobs today

By Team Ceridian on Jun 3 2016

It’s easy to lose sight of this, amid all the innovations that get tossed around in HCM circles nowadays, but the ultimate goal in human capital management is still the same – it’s to keep people happy. If your people are content with their jobs, they’re far more likely to work productively. In the end, more…

Employee Engagement

3 ways to improve the candidate experience

By Team Ceridian on Mar 18 2016

The economy has been consistently adding jobs for a while now, and that means the market for job candidates is growing more competitive. To outbid rivals in the search for new talent, employers may have to upgrade the candidate experience.

Recruitment & Talent Management

3 ways to reduce workplace stress

By Team Ceridian on Mar 16 2016

Workforce management can ultimately suffer if high stress jobs begin to have an adverse effect on productivity and morale. This is why, if you work in the HCM space, it is helpful to identify stress reduction activities, both for yourself and your staff members.

Human Capital Management

3 reasons it’s important to go ‘all in’ with your HCM solution

By Team Ceridian on Mar 15 2016

By Steve Bestvater, Product Manager, Payroll When your business makes the decision to invest in a new human capital management solution, what you’re investing in is a whole range of new capabilities. You’re getting a chance to transform everything about the way you manage your business – making your operation simpler, more reliable and more more…

Human Capital Management

ACCO Brands shares their journey to the cloud

By Team Ceridian on Jan 27 2016

ACCO Brands Corporation (ACCO) is one of the world’s largest suppliers of branded office products. For more than 100 years, the company has been delivering office products to meet the evolving needs of their customers. Join us on Tuesday, February 2, 2016 at 12:00 p.m. ET for a live webcast to hear how ACCO Brands modernized more…

Human Capital Management

Can your organization engage millennials with employee benefits?

By Team Ceridian on Jan 21 2016

It’s no secret that employee benefits play a crucial role in the employee engagement strategies used by just about every great employer. If you’re looking to recruit top talent, offering them great benefits makes for a promising way to win people over. If you’ve already got talented employees working for you, benefits can keep them more…

Employee Engagement

5 major trends that are coming to employee benefits in 2016

By Team Ceridian on Jan 8 2016

Employee benefits are always in flux, as employees’ preferences change over time and people begin to clamor for new ways of being appreciated by their employers. Perks that no one really considered a decade ago – such as the privilege of working remotely, via the Internet –  are now in high demand. If your company isn’t more…

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3 signs that your company is due for an HCM makeover in 2016

By Team Ceridian on Dec 3 2015

If you’ve been working in the human capital management industry for long enough, then you’ve surely come to understand – effective HCM practices are the key to success for just about any business, whether it’s managing your employees pay, time & attendance, HR, benefits or otherwise. Of course, it’s not enough just to be accurate more…

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