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NRF 2018 takeaways: Tech, well-being, and the future of retail employment

By Danielle Ng-See-Quan on Jan 19 2018

As the retail industry continues to rapidly shift, retailers in 2018 are investing in tech for both customer and employee experience, and are optimistic about industry employment in the future. more...

Human Capital Management, Transformative Technology

Four ways to motivate your multi-generational team

By Team Ceridian on Jan 11 2018

Today’s age-diverse workforce comes with challenges, but a successful approach to managing a multi-generational team creates opportunities for enhanced productivity and business success. Here are four tips to leverage an age-diverse team. more...

Employee Engagement

The Annual Performance Review is Dead – Create a Performance Development Culture Instead

By Deb LaMere on Dec 1 2017

In today's environment of constant feedback, antiquated processes like annual reviews are no longer relevant. Leading employers are shifting towards performance development to get better feedback and support employees versus simply assess them. Ceridian’s VP Employee Experience Deb LaMere shares tips to create a performance development culture. more...

Employee Engagement, Recruitment & Talent Management

Three ways to deliver a stand-out recruiting pitch

By Team Ceridian on Nov 23 2017

The war for talent is fierce. The way candidates are looking for jobs is changing; therefore, the tools and tactics to recruit the best talent must also change. Here are some considerations for employers to stand out from the noise in today’s marketplace. more...

Employee Engagement, Recruitment & Talent Management

Three Strategies to Support Work-Life Blending

By Deb LaMere on Nov 10 2017

The boundaries of work and life are blurring more than ever. Providing opportunities for employees to be their best selves both at work and at home ultimately boosts their loyalty and engagement. Here, Ceridian’s VP Employee Experience shares tips for employers on how to support blending. more...

Employee Engagement, Recruitment & Talent Management

Why a Total Rewards Program Makes Sense for the Future of Work

By Lisa Sterling on Oct 23 2017

Organizations are moving away from the traditional system of monetary compensation for high performance towards a broader range of benefits that recognize employees for their contributions. Ceridian’s Chief People and Culture Officer Lisa Sterling offers tips on creating a total rewards program that drives commitment and loyalty from all employees. more...

Employee Engagement, Health & Wellness, Recruitment & Talent Management

Top 5 skills that will be in high demand through 2020

By Team Ceridian on Aug 9 2016

Human resource professionals are charged with ensuring their company’s talent meets the needs of the organization. The landscape of recruitment is changing, though. Automated processes, machine learning and digital technologies are causing a shift in the type of qualities employers are looking for in professionals today. As technology continues to advance and computers become more more…

Human Capital Management

Is the HR community ready for the challenges that lie ahead?

By Team Ceridian on Dec 30 2014

At the highest level, the basic goals of human capital management have never changed – organizational leaders still want to do everything they can to hire strong people, keep the workforce engaged and ensure high levels of productivity year in and year out. Unfortunately, what have changed are the workplace norms surrounding the office. Work is more…

Human Capital Management

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