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Five Tips for Managers to Handle Negative Attitudes in the Workplace

By Team Ceridian on Nov 29 2017

A work environment with happy employees leads to increased engagement and productivity, and a strong bottom line. But negativity in the workplace can have a detrimental effect on culture. Here are some tips to help handle the tough conversations. more...

Career Advice, Employee Engagement

A Gamer’s Guide to Retaining Millennials

By Andrew Shopsowitz on Dec 21 2016

Looking to the video game industry as a model for retaining millennials, we can apply some key teachings to the world of work. more...

Recruitment & Talent Management

Engage your team from anywhere: Tips from #CeridianXOXO Award Winner Heritage Golf Group

By Jennifer Preston on Oct 17 2016

If not handled with care, the digital divide can create somewhat of a disconnect between coworkers, negatively impacting performance. more...

Employee Engagement

Want to learn about leadership? Watch the Olympic Games.

By Team Ceridian on Sep 14 2016

By Jay Greaves, VP of Sales Effectiveness, Ceridian In my home we are HUGE fans of the Olympic Games. It’s always been that way since my childhood and became even more so in 1996 when I served as an envoy for the United States Olympic Team. Beyond enjoying athletic competition, I really enjoy watching examples more…

Career Advice

Leading as an Individual Contributor

By Team Ceridian on Aug 25 2016

By James Arsenault, Director of Strategic Communications, Ceridian As we progress in our careers, we’ll spend time in different roles as individual contributors and as managers. Both are valuable experiences – in fact, spending time understanding the perspective and challenges of each role can help you be more effective in both. However, leadership should be more…

Career Advice, Recruitment & Talent Management

Being a Teacher, Not a Manager

By Team Ceridian on Aug 24 2016

By Robert Mattson, VP of Content Marketing, Ceridian I was having a conversation with a person that reported to me when I was leaving my last job, and she was kind enough to say that she thought I was a good manager.  To which I replied: I’m not a manager.  I’m a teacher.

Recruitment & Talent Management

4 steps to transform your performance management process

By Team Ceridian on May 3 2016

By Kevin Thompson, VP of Professional Services, Ceridian It’s that time of year, the annual performance review!  We’ve all had them, the grueling session where you and your manager try desperately to remember what you did last year.  Or maybe you are one of the many who have no idea how you are doing; you more…

Recruitment & Talent Management

A Gamer’s Guide to Retaining Millennials

By Team Ceridian on Mar 23 2016

By Andrew Shopsowitz, Product Strategy Manager, Ceridian One of the biggest challenges that employers consistently talk about when it comes to managing millennials is low retention; all too often I’ve heard this voiced as, “millennials just have no loyalty to anything or anyone.”  So how is it that video game producers have kept so many more…

Recruitment & Talent Management

Virtual Teams, Real Results – 5 field-tested methods for managing virtual employees

By Jayson Saba on Feb 8 2016

By Jayson Saba, VP of Strategy and Industry Relations at Ceridian. The world of work is changing. Employee preferences for more flexibility and need for a better work-life balance have led companies to adapt by allowing their employees to work virtually or to telecommute. The evolution of technology – phone, email, instant messaging, VPN, laptop, more…

Employee Engagement, Human Capital Management

3 roadblocks to building employee engagement in the modern workplace

By Team Ceridian on Jan 13 2016

As today’s business leaders endeavor to run successful businesses, they often find themselves focused a great deal on driving employee productivity. The problem is that to build a productive staff, you first need a high level of employee engagement. People need to be passionate about their jobs, ready to show up and work hard each day. We more…

Employee Engagement

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