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4 steps to create an effective college recruitment strategy

By Team Ceridian on May 25 2016

By John Whyte, Sr. Product Manager, Dayforce Talent Management It’s happening. Colleges and universities across North America have released their latest crop of eager young talent into the workforce. Wide-eyed graduates will leave fraternity parties and all-nighters behind to experience their first apartment, first vacationless summer, and most importantly, first full time job. Millenials became the more…

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6 key factors that motivate recent college grads entering the workforce

By Team Ceridian on May 15 2015

In an effort to build a more talented and productive workforce, many employers have justifiably turned their attention toward recruitment services. Developing people into fantastic employees is one way to build a staff, but the other strategy is simply to recruit the best possible people from day one. Unfortunately, this is difficult to do. How do more…

Recruitment & Talent Management

3 strategies for delivering a better recruiting pitch to recent college grads

By Team Ceridian on Apr 29 2015

For HR leaders, there’s a lot of legwork that goes into the fine art of recruiting  – the challenge is to dig through myriad resumes and uncover the one candidate with the best professional credentials that qualify him or her to work for your organization. What’s interesting, though, is that sometimes your job is to recruit more…

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4 key strategies for improving recruiting at the college level

By Team Ceridian on Apr 23 2014

As they look for creative ways to improve their approach to recruitment services, many HR offices opt to focus their efforts on the college ranks. Today, colleges and universities represent a ripe area to pluck talent cheaply and efficiently, and countless businesses are taking advantage. It’s an ideal situation for them. When surveying places to more…

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