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Who’s Next? Succession Planning for Your Small Business

By Cindy Matalamaki on Mar 28 2017

Get in the driver’s seat so that you can enjoy your retirement – or the next stage of your business. more...

Human Capital Management, Recruitment & Talent Management

5 Secrets of the Successful Gen Y Business Owner

By Team Ceridian on Feb 28 2017

What gives millennipreneurs, aka millennial business owners, the edge? We're sharing five of their success secrets on the Ceridian blog! more...

Human Capital Management

Guide your small biz to success with millennial employee engagement #NationalSmallBusinessWeek

By Team Ceridian on May 2 2016

By Deb LaMere, VP of Employee Engagement, Ceridian A fundamental part of human capital management is getting to know your employees and understanding what motivates them to achieve at a high level. The difficulty, however, is when a new generation comes along and changes everything you thought you knew. Every new demographic group of employees more…

Employee Engagement

5 ways to retain talented employees amid a culture of job-hopping

By Team Ceridian on Aug 14 2015

It’s not hard to explain why recruiting is such a crucial component of HR. If you can attract talented people to work for your business, you’re well on your way to building a staff that’s highly productive and adds to your business’ bottom line. It needs to be acknowledged, however, that simply attracting good people is only more…

Human Capital Management

3 ways to tell your SMB has outgrown it’s current HCM solution

By Team Ceridian on Apr 27 2015

by Dave MacKay, President of Ceridian. For any owner of a small or medium-sized business (SMB) that’s looking to add new staff members and grow steadily in size and scope, it’s important to have the right solution in place for processing payroll and other human capital management (HCM) functions. In these situations, it’s not uncommon for more…

Human Capital Management

3 attributes your mid-sized business should be looking for in a payroll system

By Team Ceridian on Mar 11 2015

by Dave MacKay, President of Ceridian. It doesn’t matter whether you’re running the largest corporation in the world or a small independent shop – businesses of all sizes need to have an effective solution for processing payroll. There’s no room for error when it comes to getting your employees paid accurately and on time. In order more…

Human Capital Management

Employee engagement matters for both small and large employers

By Team Ceridian on Jan 16 2015

Regardless of the specifics of your organization, your general outlook in HR always remains the same – your overall goal is to keep the workforce humming along effectively, with consistently high levels of employee retention and productivity. Unfortunately, though, this challenge is a multi-faceted one. It’s often difficult for HR leaders to figure out how more…

Human Capital Management

5 reasons for going mobile with your company’s payroll processing

By Team Ceridian on Sep 5 2014

Companies of all shapes and sizes have always made payroll processing a fundamental part of what they do. This is only natural – after all, the reason most people come to the office each day is to earn their paychecks, and if the money stops flowing, the whole system breaks down. Keeping payroll operations running more…

Human Capital Management, Transformative Technology

Guiding small businesses through the Affordable Care Act landscape

By Team Ceridian on May 16 2014

As businesses and their HR offices have sought to effectively administer benefits, there have always been roadblocks big and small along the way. Because each worker is different and they all have a range of unique needs in terms of employee engagement and wellness, it can be difficult to deliver everyone the degree of personalized more…

HR Compliance

Should your small business think about outsourcing payroll and other processes?

By Team Ceridian on May 14 2014

When operating a small business, there are countless little tasks that need to be handled in order to run a workforce effectively. Every worker has certain expectations with respect to wages, benefits and other forms of employee support, and there are many logistical hurdles and pieces of paperwork that come along with them. For big more…

HR Compliance

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