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Wellness wearables: 5 employer strategies for incorporating fitness trackers into the workplace

By Team Ceridian on Feb 26 2016

  By Karen Viveiros, Communications Manager, Ceridian LifeWorks My first pedometer came as a promotional give-away from the inside of a cereal box in the 1990s. And although fitness trackers have come a long way since that crude iteration, the concept behind them hasn’t changed. And they work.

Health & Wellness

Why it’s time to change the conversation about corporate health and wellness

By Team Ceridian on Nov 9 2015

In recent years, there’s been a noticeable shift in the way business leaders talk about corporate health and wellness. A decade or two ago, wellness was considered a nice thing to have, though not absolutely essential. Business leaders focused on recruiting, retention, productivity and profitability, and then maybe they took a quick look at employees’ more…

Health & Wellness

Managers should pay special attention to wellness during flu season

By Team Ceridian on Oct 29 2015

Always, no matter the season, it’s important for organizational leaders to pay close attention to employee health and wellness. Doing so is vital for creating a workplace that’s engaged, productive and contributing positively to the company’s overall goals. You can argue that never is wellness more important, though, than in the fall months when influenza more…

Health & Wellness

6 Ways to Create a Culture of Well-Being – #CeridianINSIGHTS

By Team Ceridian on Jul 16 2015

Today’s overwhelming focus on health and well-being remains on the physical aspect of wellness (i.e., exercise, nutrition, etc.), but there are other key elements that go into creating healthy employees and a healthy work culture. These more holistic factors need to be addressed in order to create lasting organizational change that will truly impact the more…

Employee Engagement, Health & Wellness

5 ways to recognize and address depression in the workplace #MHMonth2015

By Team Ceridian on May 28 2015

HR professionals should always make it a priority to emphasize corporate health and wellness – after all, a healthy workforce is an engaged and productive workforce. Unfortunately, some aspects of wellness have proven far more difficult to enforce than others. One of the most difficult problems to address is depression. Part of the problem is more…

Health & Wellness

Managing the flu is a vital aspect of corporate health and wellness

By Team Ceridian on Dec 12 2014

In addition to everyday employee health concerns like making sure people are getting the right amount of sleep, another essential element of corporate health and wellness is doing whatever you can to curb the spread of influenza. The flu is one of the most common infectious diseases in America today, and it tends to spread more…

Health & Wellness

Infographic: What kind of wellness warrior are you? Read on and find out…

By Team Ceridian on Aug 14 2014

There’s little doubt that every company, on some level, has an interest in ensuring corporate health and wellness. It should come as no surprise that businesses care about the wellness of their employees – having a healthy workforce can help with keeping people present, keeping them engaged and making sure they’re productive each and every more…

Health & Wellness

4 effects of poor sleep on employee and organizational performance

By Team Ceridian on Jun 9 2014

As companies seek to elevate their levels of corporate health and wellness, they often focus on assisting their workers in times of crisis – for example, when someone becomes ill or injured, or when they need to address a mental health or financial issue. But when looking at the big picture of workforce health, you more…

Health & Wellness

How having an employee assistance program can help in times of crisis

By Team Ceridian on Jun 5 2014

In many ways, companies that rely upon employee assistance programs are doing so because they want to have a constant emphasis on their employees’ health and wellness. Workers have all kinds of needs, and the best EAPs are those that keep employees healthy in all different ways – physically, mentally, emotionally, financially and more. Consistency more…

Health & Wellness

5 ways to celebrate Employee Health and Fitness Month in the workplace

By Team Ceridian on May 12 2014

By Karen Huss, VP of Corporate Relations at Ceridian. Follow her on Twitter @KarenHuss. Employee health and wellness is a priority for any organization. May is National Employee Health and Fitness month, so now is the perfect time to emphasize ways individuals can get and stay healthy. By focusing on the programs and resources available, more…

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